Australian Wildlife Wisdom
Australian Wildlife Wisdom
The Personal Power of Australian Wildlife Wisdom

Many people at this time on the planet are feeling a sense of discontent. They feel disconnected from, or perhaps having never connected at all, to Nature, the Animals and their own Spiritual Self. During this time of rapid change there is a great need for Spiritual Guidance. The world we live in is changing and our experiences of life are constantly being challenged. The need to adapt and move into the flow and rhythm of that change is important in order to lead a balanced and harmonious life, in order for a sense of contentment to return once more.

These Sacred Wildlife Wisdom Cards can help you look within; they can help empower you to improve your current life situation. You will come to know that by connecting through the Wildlife Wisdom Cards you are being shown ancient wisdom that can help you on your current journey. The messages behind the animal stories, behaviours and traits have relevance to your earth walk.

Each creature offers a message that can help you grow and adapt through the wisdom and guidance of Spirit and Nature. Since the beginning of time animals have understood the depth of their connection to each other and the planet itself. These Divine creatures call us to remember our connection to each other and our own inner Wisdom and Spirit. They remind us of what we personally need to do or see in order to move through our current circumstance.

Many of the teachings within the individual animal stories have been spoken of in the past by ancient Elders and great Sages. From the Elders of our Indigenous Australian tribes to the wise leaders of Native American Indian tribes, they each suggest through their own teachings, a similar message which can be loosely translated as “We are all connected, we are all One. Love all and serve all. Listen to the planet and its creatures. Observe the behaviour of your Wildlife and learn to understand the natural cycle of life through the planet and the Creatures who walk her beautiful journey.”

These creatures are our teachers, and we thank them for sharing with us through these Wildlife Wisdom Cards. It is our authentic intention that the lives of those who choose to use these cards are deepened. We invite you to share and learn from your journey through the Wisdom of our Australian Wildlife.

Trevor O’Sullivan

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