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“I was blessed with the divine intervention of creating this incredible book. It was as if my entire purpose shifted to discovering and sharing what animals had to teach us about how to live our lives for the better.” Explains Australian Wildlife Wisdom co-author Trevor O’Sullivan in regards to his unique approach in crafting this book.

Creating such a book took years of research and study, allowing the authors to become fully vested in the messages that wildlife offers to those that pay attention to it.

“We are very passionate about reaching as many people as possible with the educational messages being passed along from these amazing creatures. Our book details both the amazing habits of these Australian animals, as well as the unbelievable messages they offer humankind.” Explains Australian Wildlife Wisdom co-author Susan Skyring-O’Sullivan.

As the world continues to evolve, and people begin to pay more attention to global environmental issues, books like the Australian Wildlife Wisdom guide will become more and more valuable.

Susan Skyring-O’Sullivan is a Clairvoyant and Spirit Medium. She has been communicating with the subtle energy world since she was a child. Susan gives accurate readings and is well known for giving proof and confirmation of loved ones in spirit. Susan’s uncanny ability to talk to your pets both in the physical and spirit world will delight you.
Susan Consults for Private or Group Readings, Feng Shui Consultations and runs regular Workshops on Spiritual Development. Private Face to Face Consultations or Telephone link up sessions that are recorded and usually lasts anywhere between 1 to 1 hrs.

Bookings by email at: [email protected]
contact Susan on: 0417 730 313 (mobile)

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Trevor O'Sullivan is a real Australian bloke with an open heart. For 30 years he has continued to work in the construction industry and life has been about running a team of builders in a tough man's world. During the 30 years he realized through his own personal growth that something was missing and to fully experience life in a more focused enjoyable way he must respect and nourish the deeper understanding within himself. Now he has one foot in each world and combined with his instinctive spiritual skills and real life experiences which have shown him how to harness the power to create a life filled with productivity and ever increasing harmony and peace. Trevor is also a Drum Maker, a Shaman, and a Spiritual Healer. He is passionate about sharing his wisdom and skills that he has received from the ancient masters and from his own life experiences. He has been initiated to carry on the ancient Sweat lodge and Drum Making techniques given to him by Grey Wolf, an Inuit Elder from the Bering Strait region of Alaska and Trevor honors his teachings.
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